Public or Home Gym?

It’s cold up here in Northern England, and while it is beautiful to behold in the winter, you don’t want to venture out more than you have to, even to go to the gym. I know how it is. I have committed myself to working out on a regular basis to get fit, but I’m not much for fighting the elements that Mother Nature bestows on this region. I think after getting home from work and settling in, I would like to stay there for the evening. Thus, if I had to answer the question of public or home gym, I would go for the latter.

We all don’t have space, of course. I am very mindful of that fact, but sometimes you can cram a lot of equipment in a corner. If you have a spare room and infrequent guest, why not there? Also, there is usually a couple of meters of space at the top of a staircase or in an attic high enough to accommodate an adult at full measure. Basements, if not too damp work well, but frankly they need to be weatherproofed and heated to be viable candidates for your private workout space.

Let’s say you have found the ideal spot and it is a guest area on the first floor. It is small but has a ceiling light and a plug for a TV. So far so good. It also has a wood floor which is ideal for stabilizing equipment. By equipment I have in mind either a treadmill or a good quality elliptical machine. You will not likely have room for both. You need a rack with a few weights pairs, a yoga mat (rolled up), and a set of good resistance bands. This can be fairly compact and you might even use the hallway for some of your exercises. It’s not luxury or anything close to a spa, but it will work.

I am just trying to keep you out of the cold, not pamper you. Many will want more devices than I have listed. They will want large rubber balls, a massage table, maybe assorted straps, and the like. If you do circuit training, you will know what I mean. A few items might not suffice. When in the sporting goods store, take stock of sizes and necessities before equipment your home mini-gym.

There is a camaraderie at a public gym that is hard to beat and if you crave in person socializing, you will make the effort to get there. You might avail yourself of a trainer, someone to egg you on to bigger and harder things. I know I always go that extra sit up for someone else out of pure shame. I will last longer in plank position if someone is counting. The other blokes in the gym all have their tips and tricks to offer and it makes for a good time.

Thus, in weighting the odds, take all aspects into consideration: home or public gym? That is the question.