Filtered Water for Tea & Coffee

Yes, the English do love their tea and they have quite good types from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Jasmine and Darjeeling. There is nothing like a brisk cup made with filtered water. Yes, you heard right. This is an important daily ritual, and you want it to taste great. Natural water can have a chlorine taste in the north of England where I reside in Sunderland. Who knows what other chemicals lurk in our liquid.

The art of tea is well known abroad and we English are proud of it. It is a tradition that we welcome people to emulate. You can enjoy a spot of tea in the afternoon with a scone and some clotted Devonshire cream. Jam adds pizzazz while honey is the sizzle. Using a beautiful tea set makes it a lovely pastime as well especially if you have guests. A tea cozy will keep it piping hot in case you are a bit late coming to consumption. Some like them floral, some like them plaid. It is not an intense decision, but fun nonetheless.

You can make your tea with a kettle such as an electric stainless. They come cordless which is a nice feature. I love the glass versions where you can see the water boil before your very eyes. You say that you don’t need to filter the water if it is whirling about bubbling in profusion. I say why not. I still believe that both coffee and tea require filtered water to maximise the taste and flavour of your favourite beverage. Even an inexpensive faucet water filter will improve the taste of your tea or coffee. Make it a practice and find out for yourself.

Taking tea is so relaxing. You foreigners should try it on a regular basis. You will enjoy shopping not only for new teas, but fine sweets and jams as well. You can buy all the best English brands on line these days and they will be at your door in no time flat. Loose tea is for connoisseurs, but bag it if you must rather than pass up on the pleasure altogether. The preparation is important and part of the process, so don’t cut corners. Do it right for best results.

Think of the aromas: black current, spice, herbal, vanilla….it is just heavenly. It is a perfume-like essence that permeates your oral cavity and warms the nose. When it is in fine bone china, it is completely delicious, literally and figuratively. If you are in a tearoom in town, you can drink along with your fellow travelers and enjoy homemade sweets or savories as you prefer. Come four o’clock, your mouth starts watering and your brain sends messages to your feet to get moving.

Do you like tiny sandwiches, shortbread, and cookies? Teatime allows you to indulge. This has been an English tradition since the 17th century and still holds sway in the late afternoon. You need a bit of etiquette in terms of holding the cup properly—gracefully to avoid spills. Then sip and never slurp. Once you get your filtered water, you are ready for a wonderful, age-old experience.