Pressure Washing Professionals Do It Better

There is no place like Sunderland in the world: we have everything. Some things come in smaller packages, but it is all here. In addition to the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, we have the best carwash around. In fact, it may be the best in the entire UK region. I kid you not. Come and see for yourself.

If you want a clean car, you know where to go in these parts. The car practically drives itself, it is so excited at the prospect of a good wash. It knows it will get tender loving care and its coat of colors will shine and gleam. I partake of the professional services every two weeks. It is part of my regular routine, even if the car is not showing any ill effects from the weather as yet. If we get a real downpour, and they come often certain times of the year, I go a bit more.

What do I find? It is a simple structure on the front street in town next to the gas station and a mini mart. I get nothing but hand labor—no automatic machines that can’t distinguish between a jalopy and a Rolls Royce that whip those stiff strips of fabric with too much abandon. It isn’t getting Pressure Cleaned like the cars that go through the auto wash. Instead, I get soft wiping cloths and not just air spray that leaves telltale signs and spots. I get the chamois treatment and special wheel rim cleansing. The windows and windshield are pristine and divine. Nothing is too fast or impetuous, except maybe the power washer, which has its role—just the right amount of spray and it’s done, especially on the fancy metal wheels.

The family owners of the carwash takes great pride in this special enterprise. It has been handed down for at least two or three generations by now. Locals have come to know each personally and every employee attendant on duty. You can also get a hand wax for a little more if you have the time. It takes an hour since they do it perfectly, rubbing away dull areas of faded paint with expert hands. If there were prizes for best the carwash in England, this one would win every time.

The world is so fully automated and it’s for good reason most of the time. I suppose it’s faster and we are all busy as bees. But we still get manicures and massages by hand, and we don’t want them too quick or superficial. Same with the family car. It wants its due after roaring about the countryside day after day, dodging vans and motorcycles, keeping everyone safe and secure. You want to reward that good behavior lest it rebel one day when you are lost on a quiet lane late at night and you forgot your mobile phone. This local carwash, very special indeed, is so great that I wish I could take the family dog along. He would love the pressure washer in particular. It would be a nice, vigorous rubdown.