Fans for Free

There is a country house at the end of a meandering lane in Northern England—just a stone’s throw from a village. It is a white brick cottage with a green front door and a chimney atop a slate roof. This is not an estate in a parkland setting mind you. It is an everyday abode, a humble residence, and no more. The homes in the area are quite old and basic in design and construction. They are charming, inviting, and quaint.

A small pathway dotted with flowers leads to the entrance. In season, the color is glorious. Otherwise the greenery sets off the place nicely. A large tree—an Appleton Thorn Oak—graces the right side in front of a picture window. It almost obscures it and helps to block excess light. No doubt it blocks excess heat although locally this is not a warm climate, even in summer. Inside the polished wood floors are covered sporadically with area carpets and simple wood furniture. Nothing could be cozier or more suitable for the environment. I call it home.

While weather is pleasant from May to September, and central air conditioning is certainly not required, the air can get stuffy and heavy. In this area, you can open the windows while you are at home, but you would want to deter robbers and keep them closed otherwise.

I am somewhat describing a typical home to make the point that a ceiling or floor fan is not an unheard of purchase in my region. You can even get some decent ones online these days; they even do ceiling fan reviews to help you find the best one. The reason is that a local purveyor of hardware and appliances had a great two for one sale recently and guess what? I bought two. I had to share. One ceiling with blades and one portable desk model. This was a deal too good to pass up even if it will be of greater use next year. It was like getting a fan for free!

The back room of the house overlooking the small, tidy garden is the perfect setting for the ceiling device. I got wood blades to match the floor and a subtle glass fixture—kind of old fashioned, but not too much. It’s perfect. These fans come with remotes so installation is a breeze—just like their output. In my small office with only one window, where the air is dense, I placed the smaller one. It has the typical grille and whirling blades that produce just the desired flow with a change of setting. This was the “free” unit and it was a blessing on a recent dry day. I find that I work better when a bit on the chilly side. My brain keeps ideas coming when it is not falling asleep on the job.

It just goes to show you how simple everyday appliances can change your life and routine habits. I am not sure why they had a glut of fans at the store, warranting the fire sale, but who cares! I am the happy recipient of a small, but welcome, opportunity to save money and stay cool.