Lose Weight and Save

There is more than enough attention given to weight these days. There are miracle pills, potions for overnight cures and even special scales designed for weight loss. England is no exception. We don’t produce the shockwaves that Americans do with rising obesity statistics, but we can lose a stone or two. Diabetes is not limited to the US and it is, indeed, rampant in the western world. With an aging population approaching retirement, perhaps now is the time to get a new digital bathroom scale.

The scale is a symbol of sorts. It implies balance and order. On the other hand, it often denotes ill health, gluttony, and self-indulgence. Philosophy aside, it is wise to take stock now and then, and learn the facts. You may be gaining weight without realizing it and jeopardizing your longevity and so weight management is an important thing to focus on for your overall height.

On the brighter side, a local shop was having a sale on bathroom scales and I was quite interested in a purchase. Mine had seen better days. Oh, it still works, but it is archaic in form and function. I went to price the high tech models and was impressed with all they can do. They not only give you the figures, record the info in your smart phone or laptop (by wireless Wi-Fi), give your BMI, and signal alarms when you go over an amount you have set as your goal, but they do it digitally and with precision.

This, I decided, was for me. In spite of the discount, I was surprised at the cost not having bought one in a decade (or maybe I have a hand-me-down). No matter. This was going to be a fundamental part of a new programme of health and well-being. I was heavy (pun intended) into dieting and getting fit. I planned on exercising, if only walking, a few times a week, and watching the calories. Counting them would be tedious, but my smart phone does it for me. Great app!

The store was open late for the sale, so I sauntered over after dinner one evening and made the rounds of the wares. The sizes for a typical bathroom scale were fairly similar as I did not need a stand-up doctor’s office model. Just the usual floor device with a nice big LED display. The idea of keeping a log was appealing as it practically does it for you. It was like a flat funky computer lying there on the tile waiting for instructions.

I was surprised at how many people turned out to buy scales. I guess they have changed enough in the last few years to warrant an outlay of cash. We are all feeling the pressure of the media and the explosion of concern about added poundage. We are even told to watch the weight of our pets! So, I am on my way to a svelte new persona with the guidance of a digital marvel that will keep me on track….I hope. Of course, what I eat will be the real deciding factor about the quality of my future life and how the world will view my appearance.