Children’s Birthday Party Ideas in Sunderland

Do you want to try something different for your child’s birthday party this year? If so, you’re in luck. Sunderland is home to numerous kid-friendly venues that are guaranteed to make any child’s party a fun one. These facilities also hold a bit of fun for adults as well!

The Sunderland Climbing Centre

The Sunderland Climbing Centre is an indoor establishment with bouldering, climbing walls. The Centre features a massive, angled bouldering wall, a dedicated child climbing zone, and a roped climbing area with a unique rock buttress. Don’t have any prior experience in rock climbing? Not a problem!  The Centre has professional instructors that are more than happy to assist you.

The Centre has available a children’s party package. This package caters to groups of 6 to 24 kids that are over the age of 5. The instructors will aid children who need assistance in climbing, and the group at large will be given instructions on safety. They will ensure that the children will not only have fun, but stay safe while doing so! There is also a party room that can be reserved for eating cake and opening presents.

The Centre is not only for children. They have plenty of courses that are perfectly suited for young adults and adults as well! The children aren’t the only ones who should have fun- join in on a climb for yourself!


Quasar Laser Quest Sunderland

Quasar Laser Quest Sunderland is an indoor laser quest game. Each player is strapped into futuristic body packs and gets his or her own laser. Each game takes place in a 6000 square foot arena! The ‘battle zone’ features raised ramp sections, music, concealing fog, and space-like lighting. The game works by shooting your laser at the opposing team. Every time you manage to hit your target, you will earn 20 points. Be careful though; if you get zapped you’ll be the one losing 20 points!

Quasar Laser Quest offers a birthday adventure package for birthdays. This package includes: two games of laser quest, unlimited orange and blackcurrant squash, choice of a Burger King kid’s meal, and Laser Quest party bags filled with party favors for each guest. They also offer an exclusive adventure package. With the exclusive package, the arena is filled by only you and your party guests- no one else allowed! This package is ideal for larger groups. Laser quest makes for a fun party for all ages.

Karting North East

Karting North East is a rather large, outdoor establishment. They are one of UK’s largest karting experiences. They offer karting, tomahawk throwing, paintball, 4×4, buggies, and archery. Karting North East currently has 5 party packages available. The first package available is the Karting package for children 8 to 12. This package allows children in this age group to use the junior track for an allotted time. Next is the karting package for children 12 to 16. This package is like the first, but the track is much larger. Third, is the paintball package for children 12 and up. The paintball arena is a realistic replica of a WWII scenario. The arena is built in way where spectators can actually watch you play from above! The party package includes 2 hours of gameplay as well as team coded color wear, various amounts of paintballs, face masks, and top notch Tippman guns. Tomahawk throwing and archery make up the fourth package. This package is for children over the age of 12, and it gives you and your guests exclusive use of the firing range. Professional instructors are there to assist or teach children, as well as give safety instructions. Lastly, we have the off road 4×4 package. This includes ex-army Landrovers (equipped with seatbelts). The course includes sharp angles, steep inclines, large rocks, and water.